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Hiking Leggings

Because hiking in leggings is more fun!


About Us.

We are Kris & Sylvia, avid hikers who love to go out and explore.
We are constantly drawn to the mountains and the rugged nature and have already worn out many shoe soles in, among other places, America’s beautiful national parks.

Hiking becomes 100% more fun when you hit the trail with comfortable hiking gear. Recently Sylvia discovered the joys of hiking leggings. You’ve got pairs for hiking in summer in hot and humid weather and others to protect you from the cold when you go snowshoeing in winter.

We are here to help you pick the right pair of hiking leggings for your next adventure. On this site you will find everything you should know about hiking leggings. We cover what to look for regarding comfort and breathability and explain what makes some pairs more durable than others.

It’s always a good day to be out on the trail with the right pair of hiking leggings.

Have fun,
Kris & Sylvia